IOA 2022 Conference Schedule Day 3

April 4 | April 5 | April 6

*This schedule is subject to change
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4:00 AM –
5:00 AM 

What Would You Do? A Case Study Exploration (Option Two) (

In this session, participants will explore a real case in small groups led by a facilitator. The purpose is to learn from each other while aligning our Ombuds practice with IOA’s newly adopted Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

5:00 AM 
6:00 AM  
Learning Circle (Option Two) (

6:00 AM 
7:00 AM  

             Session(s) Will Be Recorded

IOA Session with the Board (Option Two)

7:00 AM –
8:30 AM 

Session(s) Will Be Recorded

Concurrent Session D

Session D1 | Organizational Ombuds in the Hungarian Context

Julianna Czifra
Graduate Student, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Work and Organizational Psychology


Session D3 | Reimaging Ombuds Reporting: New Tools and Techniques for Better Data Collection

Chuck Doran
Ombuds / Mediator, MWI

Colin Rule

Megan Winkeler
Ombuds/ Analyst, MWI

Session D4 | Transforming Conflict by Helping People Feel Heard Regarding What, Who, How, and Why

Tish Robinson
Field Project Teams Coordinator, Hitotsubashi University

Keiko Suzuki
President, Footsteps Co. Ltd.

Session D5 | Cultural Humility in Our Role as Ombuds

Sana Manjeshwar
Global Principal Ombuds Manager, Chevron

Janet Vantriet
Ombuds Manager, Chevron

Alyssa Robbins
Ombuds Manager, Chevron

Takis Bogdanos
Ombuds Manager, Chevron

Fatima Haidour
Ombuds Manager, Chevron

Diana Wu
Ombuds Analyst, Chevron

9:00 AM –
10:30 AM 

Session(s) Will Be Recorded

Keynote | Fireside Chat: Resmaa Menakem

As a therapist, trauma specialist, and the founder of Justice Leadership Solutions, a leadership consultancy firm, Resmaa dedicates his expertise to coaching leaders through civil unrest, organizational change, and community building.

Read More

11:00 AM –
12:00 PM 

Session(s) Will Be Recorded

Concurrent Session E

Session E1 | Team Ombud: Case Study of a Collective Model for Academic Conflict Resolution

Abram Kaplan
Professor of Environmental Studies; co-founder of Faculty Ombuds Program, Denison University

Frank "Trey" Proctor
Professor, Department of History, Denison University

Monica Ayala-Martinez
Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Denison University

Session E2 | Conflict Reimagined: Understanding the Role of Power and Attachment at the Heart of Conflict

Jennifer Mahony
Ombuds Office Director, Bostons Children Hospital

Laurel Marshall, LMFT
Director, Laura Marshall Counseling

Session E3 | Blaze Your TrailSM: Identify Change Goals to Further Your Ombuds Practice

Angela Dash
Founder and President, The Pace Institute, LLC

Mike Rozinsky
Founder and Principal, RZNSKY LLC

Session E4 | Fresh Insights on Ombuds Practice: 2022 Survey Findings and Trends

Timothy Hedeen
Professor of Conflict Management, Kennesaw State University

Mary Rowe
Adjunct Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

Jennifer Schneider
Student Ombuds, University of South Florida

Hector Escalante
Ombuds, University of the Pacific

Session E5 | Ombudsing in Africa: Experiences, Challenges, and Approaches

Abdoul Aziz Cisse
Regional Ombudsman for AfricaTitle, International Committee of the Red Cross

12:30 PM –
1:30 PM  

Professional Sector Meetings (Option Two) ( 

  • Academic Sector - Coaching the Concern: 4 discussion groups based on the following topics:
           A.Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
           B. Remote Work: Flexibility, mental health, accommodations
           C. Un-masking Campus: Concerns related to Covid, anti-vaxing, accommodations,             impact on families and workforce.
           D. Advising Campus Leaders: Challenges and successful approaches
    (Meeting will start in the Belonging Ballroom)
  • Corporate Sector - Discuss a case with potential applicability in large organizations with multiple ombuds and not just in the corporate sector.
    (meeting in Griffin Room, Jones Room as overflow if needed)
  • Government Sector - Maintaining Neutrality While the Edges Drift Apart: Neutrality may be the professional standard most difficult to maintain in daily Ombuds work. Recent events in the world have sharpened that challenge for Government Ombuds. Join this session for a chance to talk about the past few years, when neutral practice sometimes felt less like a high-minded principle and more like being smashed between blind forces. Spend time in a safe space with folks who’ve lived it too. (Meeting in Gadlin Room, Wilcox Room as overflow if needed)
  • International Sector - Explore together the challenges of Ombudsing in our current world, comparing similarities and differences in those challenges to where you might be in the world. (Meeting in Wagner Room, Clarke Room as overflow if needed)
  • Collateral duty ombuds - An unhosted space for collateral-duty ombuds to explore issues related to ombudsing while holding down another job. Topics may include managing conflicts of interest, effective outreach, time management, and professional development (Meeting in Robinson Room)
  • Networking sector: An unhosted space for ombuds to connect (Meeting in Wheaton Room)

12:30 PM –
1:30 PM  

Belonging Together: The Ombuds Fair (

Join us in Gathertown and meet up with representatives from affinity groups, committees, special interests, and other resources

2:00 PM –
3:30 PM 

Session(s) Will Be Recorded

Closing Ceremony & Farewell

Join us as we bring our time together to a close, award some great swag, and reveal next year's conference location!

5:00 PM –
6:00 PM
Learning Circle (Option Three) (


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