IOA 2022 Conference Schedule Day 2

April 4 | April 5 | April 6

*This schedule is subject to change
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4:00 AM –
5:00 AM

Session(s) Will Be Recorded

Mary Rowe Keynote Address: Victoria Mars

Victoria designed and built the global Mars Ombudsman program, providing Mars Associates at every level of the organization with a service that addresses workplace challenges in a neutral, confidential, and informal manner.

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6:00 AM –
8:00 AM 

Colleague Catch-up or Trivia (

Join us in Gathertown and test your travel trivia skills with three rounds of trivia focused on international culture, world geography, and general travel trivia, but with an emphasis on transportation.

8:00 AM –
9:30 AM 

Session(s) Will Be Recorded

Concurrent Session B

Session B1 | Cross-Cultural Dialogue in Workplace

Ati Alipour
Attorney, Heris Law Firm

Session B2 | Team Pulse-Taking: Helping Teams and Managers Understand Areas of Strengths and Weaknesses

Balint Balassa
Conflict Resolution Officer, UN Refugee Agency

Tina Hinh
Associate Conflict Resolution Officer, UN Refugee Agency

Session B4 | Safeguarding Confidential Data: What Is the Ombuds' Responsibility?

Dr. Clare Fowler
Executive Vice President,

Colin Rule

Chuck Howard
Former Executive Director,  International Ombuds Association

10:00 AM –
11:00 AM 

Professional Sector Meetings (Option One) (

  •  Corporate Sector- Opportunity to make connections, share trends in the corporate sector, and discuss additional resources and ways to advance the profession and advocate for your role. (Meeting in Griffin Room, Jones Room as overflow if needed)
  •  Government Sector - Maintaining Neutrality While the Edges Drift Apart: Neutrality may be the professional standard most difficult to maintain in daily Ombuds work. Recent events in the world have sharpened that challenge for Government Ombuds. Join this session for a chance to talk about the past few years, when neutral practice sometimes felt less like a high-minded principle and more like being smashed between blind forces. Spend time in a safe space with folks who’ve lived it too. (Meeting in Gadlin Room, Wilcox Room as overflow if needed)
  • Collateral duty ombuds - An unhosted space for collateral-duty ombuds to explore issues related to ombudsing while holding down another job. Topics may include managing conflicts of interest, effective outreach, time management, and professional development (Meeting in Robinson Room)
  • Networking sector: An unhosted space for ombuds to connect (Meeting in Wheaton Room)

11:00 AM –
12:00 PM 

Session(s) Will Be Recorded

Concurrent Session C

Session C1 | Academic Writing for the Ombuds

Shannon Lynn Burton
University Ombudsperson, Michigan State University

Session C2 | Trauma-Informed Ombudsing

Laura Smythe
University Ombuds, University of Idaho

Session C3 | The Upstream Ombuds: Serving as a Conduit of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Feedback for Organizational Systemic Change

Julia Heck
University Ombuds, Eastern Michigan University

Session C4 | Ombuds and the Power Structures of Civility: Where Do We Fit?

Julia Farmer
Director of Ombuds Services, University of West Georgia

Session C5 | Creating Space for Belonging Dialogues: Facilitating "Conversations for Change" in Organizations

Donna Douglass Williams
Head of Ombuds, Pinterest

Nozipho January-Bardill
Principal, Bardill, and Associates

L. Trey Wilson
Ombuds, BGB Studios

Jon L. Peacock

12:30 PM –
2:00 PM 


The Practice Edge: Who Owns the Story? Re-examining the Role of Ombuds Working with Groups

Jeff Anderson 
Associate Ombudsman, U.S. Department of Energy

Laurel Gordon
Deputy Ombuds, United States Marshals Service, U.S. Department of Justice 

Lisa Levine
Ombuds, Executive Office for Immigration Review, U.S. Department of Justice 

Chris Vermillion
Associate Ombudsman, U. S. Department of Energy

Lexi Wolfe
Associate Ombudsman, U. S. Department of Energy

2:30 PM –
3:30 PM

Session(s) Will Be Recorded

A Session with the IOA Board (Option One)

3:30 PM –
4:30 PM
Learning Circle (Option One) (

5:30 PM –
6:30 PM PT

International Sector Meeting (Option One) (


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