IOA 2023 Presentation Agreement

Required for Submission of 2023 Presentation Proposals


Deadlines Agreement

If my proposal is accepted, I agree to respond promptly to messages received from IOA and notify IOA of any changes to my contact information. If I have not responded to communications from IOA within 10 days or by Monday, 5 December 2022 or made any attempt at contact, I understand that my proposal submission will be revoked.

Changes from Submission Agreement

I agree to notify IOA of any proposed changes to my presentation title, content, or co-presenter details from those included as part of my submission. I understand that no content of my presentation may be revised from that included in my submission nor any presenters substituted or added to my presentation without obtaining written permission from IOA.

No Honorarium or Compensation Agreement

I understand that no honorarium or compensation will be provided by IOA for a presentation unless otherwise specified in writing by IOA. If you would like to make a request please email the IOA office at [email protected]. I understand that IOA does not provide reimbursement or arrangements for expenses associated with my presentation unless otherwise specified in writing by IOA.

Registration Agreement

I understand that if my proposal is accepted for presentation, I am required to register to attend the IOA 2022 event for at least the single day of my presentation and to pay the corresponding registration fee unless otherwise specified in writing by IOA.

Slides & Video Copyright Agreement

I understand that by Monday, 20 March 2023 I will provide the following materials to IOA: Electronic copies of my presentation slides, any handouts I intend to distribute, and any videos I intend to present.

Closed Captioning of Videos Agreement

I understand that if my presentation will contain any video clips, I am responsible for ensuring these videos are closed captioned at my own expense and in compliance with relevant copyright requirements, as well as in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Recording Agreement

If I am selected to present a session, I understand that IOA may record the sessions and I give IOA permission to duplicate and redistribute the recording of this session; this includes, but is not limited to, the presentation slides, video or audio recording.

Availability Agreement

I understand that submission of a session indicates that I am available to speak at any day or time between 3–5 April 2023. IOA is unable to accommodate requests for specific presentation days. IOA reserves the right to change the day and/or time of my presentation at any point prior to the conference. I will be notified via email of this change and will have the option to withdraw my participation at that time.

Confidentiality of IOA Information

IOA may provide me with a copy of the registration list for the conference or my specific session. By accepting the list, I agree to maintain the confidentiality of the registrants and limit its use to me. IOA’s registration lists are solely the property of IOA and are considered confidential by IOA. IOA registration lists are provided to presenters for the sole purpose of facilitating presenters’ preparation for speaking or communicating with event attendees. Presenters may not themselves (or authorize others to) duplicate, sell, distribute, or create derivative information from registration lists without express written permission of IOA.

Confidentiality of Individual Information Agreement

I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that any information presented regarding recipients of ombuds services be sufficiently edited or modified to ensure the confidentiality of the individuals involved unless I have obtained specific permission according to applicable ethical standards, laws, and regulations from any individual about whom identifying information is presented.

Ethical Procedures Agreement

I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that ethical procedures were followed in the conduct of any research associated with my submission, including review and approval by any relevant institutional review boards or human research ethics committees. If requested, I can provide official documentation of approval(s).

Non-Commercial Content Agreement

I understand that the purpose of my presentation is to be educational and not commercial in nature. I agree that during my presentation I will not promote any products or services I offer for purchase. I understand that I may include in my presentation references to publications from which I receive a royalty when such references are germane to the content of the presentation, but I may not encourage participants to purchase these publications. I agree to disclose to participants in print any commercial interests I have in relation to the content of my presentation (or) I assert that I have disclosed to the IOA office in writing all commercial interests I have in relation to the content of my presentation.

Use of Name and Likeness Agreement

I hereby give IOA, its agents, and its representatives the right to use my name and likeness in promotional and other material published, both in print and electronically, in relation to the meeting.

Permissions for Publication Agreement

To the extent that this work is not in the public domain (e.g., by virtue of being performed by an employee of the U.S. Federal Government as part of their official duties), I agree to grant IOA permissions for publication of material I may provide for inclusion in the conference proceedings which may be published in print and online on the IOA website. The copyright consists of any and all rights allowed by the copyright laws of the United States and all foreign countries. I understand that the proceedings, including my contribution, will be made available in printed form to the attendees of the conference, members of IOA, and other interested parties pursuant to policies established by the IOA Board of Directors. I understand that IOA will hold the copyright for the proceedings and its contents. I understand that the copyright of the compilation of materials in the proceedings is not the same as the copyright of an individual item of material included in the proceedings. I understand that I am encouraged to include copyright notices as appropriate on all the materials I submit to IOA for publication. I understand that IOA takes no responsibility for registering my copyright for any material for which I am the author and advises me to take all appropriate steps to do so.

I authorize IOA to sell or otherwise distribute said proceedings to the membership and general public. In return, I understand that IOA grants me the right to reprint my contribution in any publication.

I understand I am responsible for informing IOA regarding any material I will present for which I do not have the authority to give IOA permission to publish.

Permissions to Make Recordings Agreement

To the extent that this work is not in the public domain (e.g., by virtue of being performed by an employee of the U.S. Federal Government as part of their official duties), I hereby give permission for IOA, its agents, and representatives to make electronic recordings of my presentation and grant IOA a nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, distribute, perform, display, publish, exhibit, adapt, edit (for grammar, length, form, and format only), transcribe, translate, and transmit those electronic media, and the material they contain including the printed materials I provide to accompany the recorded material, for any lawful purpose, including publication in conference proceedings, sales to members and the general public, and/or distribution via the Internet. I understand I am responsible for informing IOA regarding any material I will present for which I do not have authority to give IOA permission to record. I understand that I will receive no remuneration from IOA for any recording or sales by IOA of my recorded presentation.

Indemnification of IOA Agreement

I affirm that my contribution contains no matter that is defamatory or is otherwise unlawful or invades individual privacy. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the International Ombudsman Association (IOA), its agents and its representatives should the material I present or provide for publication be determined to defame, libel, or slander an individual or organization, violate the confidentiality of any individual or organization, or infringe on another's copyright.

Evaluation of Information Agreement

I understand that IOA will collect evaluation information from attendees of my presentation and that this information will be shared with me, the IOA Conference Committee, and other IOA committees in order to inform future IOA planning. The evaluation results will be expected to be held in confidence by IOA volunteers who receive them.

Sharing Information Agreement

I agree to share this document with my presenting colleagues by saving this page and the completed form to my desktop and distributing it.

Please print this page and save it for your records.