IOA 2024 CO-OP® PDH Tracker

Track Your Professional Development Hours

Continued maintenance of the CO-OP® credential mandates recertification every four years. Recertification serves as evidence that the practitioner remains up-to-date with advancements in the field and sustains a professional knowledge level commensurate with their certified status.

Below is a Professional Development Hour (PDH) Tracking Sheet for documenting attendance at each session. Each session undergoes rigorous review by the CO-OP® Board's recertification committee to ensure alignment with the seven testing domains. Furthermore, a specific number of PDH has been assigned to each session. It's important to note that regardless of session attendance, the maximum allowable PDH claim from one conference is capped at 15. Additionally, select sessions will be recorded for later viewing post-event, offering added flexibility to fulfill PDH requirements.

Please be reminded of your responsibility to maintain a completed PDH Tracking Sheet for recertification purposes. In the event of an audit, you may be required to furnish evidence of conference attendance, such as registration or payment confirmation.

Download the IOA 2024 CO-OP® PDH Tracker