#IOA2022: Call for Presentations

The RFP for 2022 Presentations Is in the Works.

Please check back later for more details. 

In the Meantime, Here Is Some Helpful Information

The International Ombudsman Association plans for educational events year-round. 

IOA events draw in attendees from diverse sectors around the world. Participants and presenters represent professionals in academia, corporations, government, non-profits, healthcare, faith communities, the dispute resolution field, and many others. At any IOA educational event, we hope to engage with both experts and co-learners in order to share ideas, collaborate, and explore new theories, concepts, and practices.

We look for inspiring content that is highly engaging for attendees and covers topics like:

  • How the ombuds field can expand its reach and impact,
  • How ombuds can be “thought leaders” as well as conflict navigators in an increasingly polarized world
  • How ombuds work plays a role in framing equity and justice issues for the constituents we serve.
  • all aspects of conflict engagement and ombuds practice
  • new and/or alternative means of providing ombuds services
  • maximizing ombuds’ positive impact on organizations
  • sector-specific constituent issues
  • ombuds as coaches, facilitators, and trainers
  • working with others within an organization, including legal counsel, human relations, compliance, and risk management officials
  • the ombuds role in preventing and addressing sexual harassment
  • updates on relevant legal and regulatory frameworks
  • the value of CO-OP certification
  • welcoming new IOA members