IOA 2022 Experience On Display

Calling the Artist in You 

Conferences are a great opportunity for those practicing and supporting the Ombuds profession to exchange and empathize over shared experiences and challenges. In a field where relationships are integral, traditional podium and panel formats allow for a particular type of interaction.

“Experience: on Display” brings a new format to our participation in the annual conference. It creates an immersive platform for participants to relate to each other in new physical, visual, and experiential ways. 

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What is it?

“Experience: on Display” is an exhibit of art created by you, the conference participants. This co-created experience will help engage conference-goers to network and reflect in deeper ways than customary formats.

We need you…your experience, your creativity, and your art.

This Year:

This year’s inspiration is that of “Connection.” In line with the conference’s theme “Belonging Together: Reimagined” we invite you to think about what connection looks like for you now and how it relates to your current, aspiring, or support of Ombuds work.

You can use any medium that speaks most to you, painting, film, photograph, sculpture, writing you name it. Submissions will be displayed as part of a pop-up online gallery, available for viewers to explore throughout the days of the conference. During the conference, we will have a time when all conference attendees can join us for an interactive, in-the-moment, group art project followed but an artist’s gallery talk and Q & A. By the end of the session the new piece of group art will also be displayed in the pop-up art gallery.

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How to Participate:

  1. What is a feeling or experience around “connection” you’ve had related to this work?
    Think about a part of your experience in, aspiring to, or supporting the ombuds role - this is for practicing ombuds, retired ombuds, aspiring ombuds, ombuds supporters, conflict management professionals, and you! What is a feeling or experience of connection you’ve had related to this work? How has this year been?

  2. Express this experience.
    How might you express this experience? Here is a non-exhaustive list of mediums you can choose from:
    1. Painting, drawing, printmaking
    2. Ceramics
    3. Music or sound
    4. Film or video art
    5. Graphic narrative
    6. Literature
    7. Performance
    8. Photography
    9. Sculpture
    10. Textile or crafts
    11. Computer art
    12. Conceptual art

  3. Complete the Submission for Art Form.
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Submissions are due by March 14th, 2022

Remember… have fun and create!
Teresa Ralicki will be in touch with any questions and to confirm your participation.

If you have any problems or questions please contact Teresa Ralicki [email protected] or Adam Barak Kleinberger [email protected].

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