IOA 2020 Conference Presenter Resources

Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge!

We are delighted that you will be presenting at the 15th Annual IOA Conference. We have provided you with the resources below to assist you in preparing your presentation. 

Read the Committee Letter to Presenters

Presenter Promotion

We invite presenters to review this a step-by-step IOA Promo Video - DIY Checklist to help you create a powerful invitation to participate in your concurrent session at the IOA annual conference!

Download the Checklist

Presentation Guidelines

Before you jump to the links, here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you craft your presentation:

  • Have fun. Take risks. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You are among friends.
  • Include at least one interactive component in your presentation. What more can you add to the attendees’ experience?
  • It is strongly recommended that you provide a takeaway for your audience, and it can be anything from a white paper to an info-graphic to a follow-up worklist or reading list (your slides don’t count as a takeaway). Your takeaway does not need to be printed - the IOA will make it available to attendees after your presentation.
  • Use the best research and reporting practices. Openly cite any sources.

Presentation Information

Presentation Submission Deadline: Any speaker using PowerPoint or a like product, must submit presentations by Monday, 2 March 2020. Submitted materials must be in their final form and speakers should not make changes to their presentation slides after submitting them. Presentations will be posted online and in the conference mobile app in PDF format for conference attendees to download prior to and following the conference.

Presentation Details: If you would like to make updates to your session description, your biography, or your photo, please email the updates to the IOA office at [email protected].

Use of Handouts: Providing examples of the concepts you are describing can sometimes help to solidify a presentation. If you want to share additional resources with attendees, you may submit them to IOA by the 2 March and we will make them available for your session attendees online. Additional copies of materials will not be provided by IOA onsite at the conference.

Source Citations: Research used in developing the presentation must be referenced, with sources cited and permission granted, for use of another organization's samples or information.

Audio/Visual: The standard AV package includes a podium, wired microphone, one wireless lapel microphone, slide advancer, laptop computer, projector, and screen. A wireless internet connection will also be available. Your presentation will be pre-loaded on the provided laptop. If you requested a flip-chart it will be available. Please send additional AV requests to the IOA office at [email protected] for consideration.

Attire: Please dress in business attire for your presentation.

Cancellations: Please notify the IOA office immediately if an emergency may prevent you from presenting a session. Please send a written cancellation via email to [email protected].

Helpful Links for Presenters

Inspiration and wisdom:

Not every presentation aligns with an unconventional format, but all presenters can learn from the success of the wildly-popular presentation format. Here are some interesting links to help you learn from the principles behind this model.

Presentation formats and content:

Slide Decks:

Being in front of an audience: