IOA 2022 Conference Presenter Resources

Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge!

We are delighted that you will be presenting at the 17th Annual IOA Conference. We have provided you with the resources below to assist you in preparing your presentation. 

Mandatory Speaker Training Sessions

Speaker Training
Option One

Speaker Training
Option Two

Room Host Training

Friday, March 18 at 9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET

Watch Recording

Monday, March 21 at 2:00 PM PT/ 5:00 PM ET

Watch Recording

Thursday, March 24 at 11:00 PM PT/ 2:00 PM ET

Watch Recording

Download Room Host Instructions

Presenter Tasks


Confirm your willingness to present at the conference February 18
If you have not yet submitted your headshot and biography or your co-presenters information please email it to the IOA Office at [email protected] February 28
Return your completed Copyright Attestation Form to the IOA office. February  28
Download and review the Speaker Preparation Kit. February  28
Download the IOA 2022 PowerPoint template. Early March
If you would like to participate in all of the Conference activities please be sure to register. March 4
On this date, you will receive a welcome email for the Virtual Venue. Please log in and update your profile or create a profile. If you were a presenter last year, your information should be the same.  March 7

Attend mandatory speaker training on the Virtual Venue. Once you have logged into your Virtual Venue account the training will already be available on your schedule. 

March 14 or
March 21

Email your finalized PowerPoint presentation and any handouts/materials to the IOA office at [email protected]. (Please let us know if you would not like your PowerPoint to be posted for attendees to download.) March 21
Upload your polls, PowerPoints, and handouts to your session page in the Virtual Venue. Instructions for how to do this will be provided in the speaker training. March 21

Email your breakout room details to the IOA office at [email protected]:

  1. Will you need breakout rooms for your sessions?
  2. If yes...
    1. How many breakout rooms? How many participants per room?
    2. How long would you like participants to be in the breakout room?
    3. Would you like participants to self-select particular topics (if so, what are the names of those topics?), or be assigned a room at random?
March 21
Accept calendar invites from the IOA office for your session and note the time (and time zone). Week of March 28
Save the IOA virtual background (coming soon) to your computer to use when presenting. March 31
Have a great time presenting at IOA 2022! April 4-6


Presentation Guidelines

Before you jump in, here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you craft your presentation:

  • Have fun. Take risks. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You are among friends.
  • Include at least one interactive component in your presentation. What more can you add to the attendees’ experience?
  • It is strongly recommended that you provide a takeaway for your audience, and it can be anything from a white paper to an info-graphic to a follow-up worklist or reading list (your slides don’t count as a takeaway). Your takeaway does not need to be printed - the IOA will make it available to attendees after your presentation.
  • Use the best research and reporting practices. Openly cite any sources.
  • Please dress in business attire for your presentation.
  • Please notify the IOA office immediately if an emergency may prevent you from presenting a session. Please send a written cancellation via email to [email protected].

Helpful Links for Presenters

Inspiration and Wisdom:

Not every presentation aligns with an unconventional format, but all presenters can learn from the success of the wildly-popular presentation format. Here is an interesting link to help you learn from the principles behind this model.

Presentation formats and content:

Slide Decks:

Being in front of an audience: