Session 6 D

Ombuds: The Authenticity Paradox

Time: Wednesday 12:40 PM –1:50 PM

Presenter(s): Thomas Griffin, Ombudsman, UCLA; D.A. Graham, University Ombuds, University of Kansas – Learn more about this presenter by visiting the presenter page.

Level: Established


As ombuds, we are frequently told the importance of the standards of practice. But at its best, our field is much more than just figuring out how to follow the rules as inhuman professionals —it is recognizing what we bring to the table, who we really are, learning to interact with how we feel about situations and how to allow our humanity to shine. Your organization needs YOU! This workshop provides some basic science about the importance of emotions in our decision making, a variety of exercises to connect with your unique self, and time to discuss the paradox of being oneself while dealing with the expectations of others. We will use as our backdrop the Harvard Business Review article “The Authenticity Paradox” by Herminia Ibarra, which purports that an image of self that is rigid prevents us from experimenting and trying new approaches. She wrote, “Because going against our natural inclinations can make us feel like impostors, we tend to latch on to authenticity as an excuse for sticking with what’s comfortable.”


Learning Objectives

  1. Identify role models that possess the skills you know you need to acquire to grow.
  2. Learning for growth, not perfection for prestige or praise.
  3. Your personal narrative should evolve as your journey changes.
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