Session 5 F

Ombuds Service Database Design, Analysis, and Visualization: What Data to Collect, How to Analyze, How to Visualize, and How to Create Ombuds Service Data Dashboards

Time: Wednesday 10:30 AM – 11:40 AM

Presenter(s): Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, Ombuds Director, University of Tennessee – Learn more about this presenter by visiting the presenter page.

Level: Emerging


This session will provide you with information related to working with ombuds service data. Issues that will be presented include data collection, analysis, and reporting to leverage for organizational change. As a new organizational ombudsperson in an academic setting, one of my first challenges was to find a way to ethically record and communicate confidential ombuds service data for the campus community. This presentation will introduce how I chose to go about tackling this challenge. When appropriate there will be time for questions and answer as well as small group discussion. I will present how I decided to record anonymous information as data and designed a caseload database with Microsoft Excel and QSR Nvivo. Then I will present how I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create an Ombuds Service Data Dashboard with the data from Excel and Nvivo. I will present how the Ombuds Service Data Dashboard can be incorporated into outreach activities as well as ombuds office reports. This presentation will provide information to the audience on how they can use similar software for collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and communicating data to the members of their organization. This session will start with a presentation of how I use Microsoft Excel and QSR Nvivo as a caseload database. Then I will share strategies for how to use the two softwares for data analysis and data visualization. Finally, I will present sample dashboards created in Microsoft PowerPoint that can quickly communicate ombuds services to visitors, stakeholders, and campus leaders.

Learning Objectives

  1. Microsoft Excel can be used as a data collection and visualization tool to communicate ombuds services to members of their organization.
  2. QSR Nvivo can be used as a data collection, analysis, and presentation tool.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create ombuds service dashboards.
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