Session 5 A

Cultivating Trust in the Workplace

Time: Wednesday 10:30 AM – 11:40 AM

Presenter(s): Kim Axelrod, Vice Chair, Quality, Axelrod and Associates; Shandell Sosna, Principle, Sosna Leadership and Development – Learn more about this presenter by visiting the presenter page.

Level: Emerging


Trust is the pre-requisite for success and well-being at work, and luckily, it is a learned competency. Some people learn trust as children, others master trust through experience later in life, while others struggle throughout their life with the entire concept of trust. Trust impacts the way we interact with one another and whether we can solve issues and problems with each other in productive ways. This workshop offers a definition, model, and exercises from which to explore the topic of trust. Whether exploring the idea of trust with an individual or working with a team, participants will leave this workshop with tools and techniques they can use in their work with clients the very next day. In the Harvard Business Review’s article “The Enemies of Trust”, Robert Galford and Ann Seibold Drapeau are quoted as saying “An established body of research demonstrates the links between trust and organizational performance. If people trust each other and their leaders, they’ll be able to work through disagreements. They’ll take smarter risks. They’ll work harder, stay with the organization longer, contribute better ideas, and dig deeper than anyone has a right to ask.”

Learning Objectives

  1. Define trust and discuss its importance in the workplace.
  2. Explore actions, skills, and tools that will aid in actively promoting trust.
  3. Identify and play with some ideas for ombuds to use as they cultivate a culture of trust.
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