Session 1 F

The Four Questions Every Ombuds Should Ask

Time: Monday 11:00 AM – 12:10 PM

Presenter(s): Peter Armijo, Staff Chaplain/Ombudsman, UNM Ombuds Services – Learn more about this presenter by visiting the presenter page.

Level: Experienced


This session will present four categories of questions ombuds should ask visitors on visitor feedback surveys. These questions were formulated after conducting legal research and analysis of case law addressing ombuds confidentiality issues in the United States. This topic presentation, presented in lecture format, will give session participants knowledge of how visitor feedback surveys can support their programs’ confidentiality efforts. This presentation will include an introduction of actual questions that could be used on visitor feedback surveys. Using these questions in your surveys can potentially provide arguments if your office’s confidentiality is challenged in a court of law and may benefit other efforts to strengthen ombuds’ legal protections for confidentiality. This presentation is designed to provide useful information to ombuds departments of all levels. It was developed in collaboration with ombuds JoEllen Ransom, Anne Lightsey, and Jon Lee from UNM Ombuds Services.

Learning Objectives

  1. Be introduced to current and future legal protections for ombuds confidentiality.
  2. Learn about the history of challenges to ombuds confidentiality from a United States federal common law perspective.
  3. Be provided with potential questions to be used in their office’s visitor feedback surveys.
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