Pre-Conference Session 4 - Half Day

Understanding the Ombuds Role: What It Is, How It Works, & Why It Helps Organizations Thrive

Time: Sunday, 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Presenter(s): TBA

Level: TBA


This half-day course is designed to help people curious about or unfamiliar with the concept of an ombuds understand the role and its unique benefits for all types of organizations. Co-taught by practicing ombuds from diverse sectors, the course straightforwardly explains what ombuds are and do, why they add value, and how they "fit" with and enhance an organization's existing systems of management, human resources, compliance, leadership, and learning. Additionally, the course will address how to analyze an organization's suitability for ombuds services and how to approach establishing ombuds services, including talking with decision-makers and building coalitions of support.

Capacity: 15-30 people

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